Adelaide Fringe 2019

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Well, it’s a bit more Adelaide on a summer evening. Some good shots, some bad ones, but overall it was a great afternoon and evening out!

The largest arts festival in the southern hemisphere. Adelaide comes alive and everyone seems so easy going during Fringe season.

Been running since 1960, but its only since 2007 that it has been an annual event.

These guys were cool. Background bokeh with the Leica Summicron 50mm.

Trialing the 35mm Summilux at F1.4. I love the vintage style to this lens.

I’m getting used to framing with a 50mm a lot more. A lot of my shots over the past year or so have been with a 35mm Summicron or Summilux. Trying to get used to 50s again because thats what I was originally heavily into. But I keep on taking steps back to make the frame wider. Hmmm….Maybe I really am a 35mm wider angle type of guy.

In Rundle Mall after dark. Love how the Leica M10 handles natural and available light. Took this with the 50mm Summicron at F2.

Just incase you want to see what the power of the 35mm Summilux is like, check this out.

The vintage bokeh style of the 50mm Summicron. And it is so small on the Leica M10. I was able to practically walk right behind this couple and they didn’t notice that I was there. That’s the true value of this lens.

Logy on Fire. This guy was fun to watch. One of the top street performers in the UK and Ireland.

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Adelaide Fringe 2019