Leica M-P Typ 240 Safari Edition

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Its green. Very green. My little green baby. Well, after getting into Leica I decided that I wanted to get a special edition one of some kind. For the price, The Leica M-P 240 is my main digital photographic body. It is heavy, but feels solid, and with its strap it is easy enough to take around. My friend!

This is a great example of the low light capabilities, you can download in full resolution, just click the pic. This JPG had not had any adjustments, was ISO1250, 1/60th, at F2.


There is loads of technical info out there, but this is a quick rundown and my thoughts:

  • 24mp Leica MAX Full Frame CMOS sensor/Maestro Image Processor
    • Flipping amazing. Checkout some more low light shots here. The dynamic range and ISO performance of this, in my view, smokes anything else out there, I am going to have a comparison between it and a Nikon sensor soon.
  • Leica Rangefinder focusing
    • Best focusing system out there. When you are used to it, it is fast, and accurate.
  • 2gb buffer
    • This isn’t a great camera if you want to shoot rapid fire. But that is not what Leica is all about, at least the M Rangefinder systems, because they force you to get more involved in the picture taking process, think about your vision, and adjust your settings accordingly.
  •  3″ Monitor
    • The 920,000 dot monitor is good. Could be better IMO. But it is protected with sapphire crystal glass screen, so you can be ok with taking it out an about. That said the camera has excellent weather sealing. But it is still my baby, and I don’t like her getting wet. Or sandy.

Anyway, buying it was a pleasure. But why did I by a special edition? Well, 1) my Leica Safari edition is 1 of only 1,500 limited edition sets in the world, and 2) it was better value than buying the Leica M-P 240 with the 35mm F2 Summicron as separate items. 3) You do get some nice gear with it too, like a special cow hide leather strap, SD card wallet, and a rather nice box.

This shot taken in Kalgoorlie in December 2016 I think shows off something not always thought about the power of the Leica MAX sensor: Look at it in full res. I took it on the 50mm Summicron, but check out all the subtle tone differences between the reds and oranges. The colour differentiation on this sensor is amazing. It is these little things that make huge differences to the picture quality in the long run.

Great shot to show off the sensitivity between tones on the Leica MAX sensor.

Other than it being seriously green (it is a tough finish on the brass and leather) everything else is the same as the regular M-P. I like the camera, it is just simple, high quality, easy to use and that’s all there is to it. The addition of the Set menu for most shooting features and the ability to recall different preferred settings it a really useful feature. For me the only drawbacks are:

  • No external sound input for recording video
  • Video quality not great and it is only 1080p, in 2016 I want 4k!
  • Only 1 SD card slot. Seriously? Leicas are famous for once in a lifetime shots, why risk that? Leica, PLEASE give us 2 SD slots in the Ms.


Unboxing was sweet. Really sweeeeeeeeeet.

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Leica M-P Typ 240 Safari Edition