Well, it’s a bit more Adelaide on a summer evening. Some good shots, some bad ones, but overall it was a great afternoon and evening out! The largest arts festival …

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I’ve got a full review of this lens pending. Not sure I’ve used it long enough to fully appreciate it yet. However, I wanted to share these samples as proofs …

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In 2019, Fuji Superia is my favourite colour film. It reminds me of what film looked like in the 1990s before digital was mainstream. It looks like so many film …

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This film does bring out a lot of colours, it is well saturated and probably a little too much so as the colours can look a bit ‘off’ but at …

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Welcome! Thanks for stopping by

I travel a lot and take enough photos with a a diverse amount of gear I decided to start sharing my photos, thoughts and reviews. I’m an avid Leica and street photography fan.

About Me I love photography, travel, reviewing gear and making technical tutorials.

This site is all about sharing my photos, and providing insight on where to get some great shots around the world.

Leica Rangefinder Fan

I’m an avid fan of Leica gear and after using loads of compacts and DSLRs from Canon, Nikon and others, I have settled on the Leica M system.

What I love about it is the timelessness of the lenses, and that I am able to shoot with a system similar to that which was used decades ago. Leica Ms rely 100% on the skills of the photographer…

…the result is always 100% your own work, not the work of computers in the camera.

My Favourite Type of Photography

Street photography. Particularly at night.

One of the things I love to do is walk around after sunset ad photograph all the lights, shadows and look for whatever we don’t normally notice about what is happening after dark in public areas.

Please contribute

Please get in touch, if you want to share photos or reuse mine, share ideas I’d love to hear from you. I want to create a resource for photography, review and any creative or photo journalism ideas. Always keen to hear from people.

Photo Journalism ...and trying new gear or ideas

1/10 of a second, F6.3, ISO 100. This is an image I’ve been really proud of. I originally shot it on a really cold July morning in Adelaide at about 8am. It looks bright for the long exposure to help get the smooth flow of the water. The Rundle Mall …

In 2014 I visited the Munich Residenz. Since starting as a small castle in the 1380s, it was expanded and made more and more grand throughout its life and used …

Overlooking Elliott Bay in Seattle is the Pike Place Markets. It is one of the oldest continuously operated markets in the USA and runs north from Pike St to Virginaia …

My Camera of Choice Leica Ms

Well, I don’t have a camera of choice.

I have a system of choice, and that system is Leica. Full Stop, Leica. Sure, they are handmade and uber expensive, but, the Leica M mount lenses have kept the same mount since the 1950s. Their systems will be compatible for years to come.

Spend any large $s on any other system, and eventually the lens mount will be out of date, or something in the camera will fail. With Leica, systems will be around forever. Beat that for value.

My Leica Lenses and Bodies