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Kodak Portra is a professional level film admired for it’s high level of detail from a very fine grain, smooth, natural colours but still with a bit of punch and richness, open shadows without crushed blacks and for being hard to blow out highlights. All this makes for a beautifully …


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I travel a lot and take enough photos with a a diverse amount of gear I decided to start sharing my photos, thoughts and reviews.

I love photography, travel, reviewing gear and making technical tutorials. This site is all about sharing my photos, and providing insight on where to get some great shots around the world.

I’m an avid fan of Leica gear and after using loads of compacts and DSLRs from Canon, Nikon and others, I have settled on the Leica M system.

What I love about it is the timelessness of the lenses, and that I am able to shoot with a system similar to that which was used decades ago. Leica Ms rely 100% on the skills of the photographer … the result is always 100% your own work, not the work of computers in the camera.

Recent Shots Some of my recent travel photos

Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. Quote from John D. Rockefeller. So I went to New York in January 2016. I love energy …

Adelaide is a place that really comes to life after dark for natural light type photos. It is an artsy city, but pretty safe after dark particularly around the northern part …

Nothing weird here! London is a great city, so much energy. After dark, it doesn’t stop. The collection of buildings, lights, signage, movement of people, the London Underground, the big …

About Me

My Camera of Choice

Well, I don’t have a camera of choice.

I have a system of choice, and that system is Leica. Full Stop, Leica. Sure, they are handmade and uber expensive, but, the Leica M mount lenses have kept the same mount since the 1950s. Their systems will be compatible for years to come.

Spend any large $s on any other system, and eventually the lens mount will be out of date, or something in the camera will fail. With Leica, systems will be around forever. Beat that for value.

My Favourite Type of Photography

Street photography. Particularly at night.

One of the things I love to do is walk around after sunset ad photograph all the lights, shadows and look for whatever we don’t normally notice about what is happening after dark in public areas.

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