Betty’s Burgers Adelaide

Lighting is something I like to explore when taking photos out on the street. And colour. In this case, for Betty’s Burgers in Rundle Street Adelaide the two just seemed to work tougher.

Something about evenings out. Everyone just seems happy. The golden light, and people just enjoying themselves. That’s what I wanted to capture here with this new burger restaurant in Adelaide, and I just wanted to use the colour from the lights ad shadows to frame it. The place has a retro like theme to it.

Betty’s Burgers

I think I gave them 4 stars on a review site. Nice burgers, don’t get me wrong. And clean space. Staff are a bit patronising though, if you have a smaller group, they tend to want to hurry you through. Also, despite tables being available we were told to sit on a stool at a bar which wasn’t very comfy. Drinks are expensive.

But, back to the photo. People enjoying themselves. It is colourful. And friendly.

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