Hay Bales – Kodak Gold Film

The Film – My Review

Hmmm. Kodak Gold. Something that I like a lot about consumer films is that they are forgiving. This means that they don’t easily blow out the highlights, and keep the shadows open. This may sound like Kodak Portra, but Kodak Gold, being consumer makes up for the lack of contrast by increasing the saturation for a more vibrant look overall. A look that carried the wow factor in advertisements for film in the 1990s, but that is still pleasing to consumers.

Being a consumer film it is sharp, but not detailed because it is quote grainy, especially for a 200iso. Fuji C200 is far less grainy and will substantially more muted colours.

I always say – as an artist wanting to use film, it is useful to know what the look of the film you are using in your camera is. Get an idea how the film will render colours, how it will behave with different exposures/levels of light, and how it looks overall.

Then you can compose with it in mind. Have your vision for an image, and use the settings on the camera, your composition, and the film stock to achieve it.

The Photos – An Australian Farming Landscape

I took these near Tanunda in the Barossa Valley in South Australia. It is mainly known for its wine. But, there is something about the farming landscape under the sun that is special. It is a timeless landscape.

Timelessness in Photography

If a photograph was taken in 2020, or 1920, or the 1980s but you can’t really tell: That is a good photograph. It has something timeless. Could be anything and the viewer can enjoy it in that way.

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