London After Dark

The Location

I have a soft spot for London. These were generally taken within the City of London, which is different to Greater London.

Street Photography at Night

There is something about urban landscapes and street scenes after dark when they become a whole new world. Streetlights, building lights, traffic. There is a certain calmness to it all once the commuters has disappeared. New scenes to explore. The shadows, the colours.

High ISO film or digital sensors tends to bring out something unseen.

I think a lot of the time when we are on our way home after dark we don’t tend to stop and look. We don’t see this whole new world with new lights, colours and shadows.

Sometimes, this new world is invisible unless you use your camera to reveal it with a very long exposure time to enhance shadows, see motion blur, or to reveal reflections on water.

All shot on the Canon 6D with the 24-105 F4 lens. This is still, in 2020 a great combo despite the camera originally coming out in 2012. It has the power of full frame, and nice clean output with long exposures or high ISOs.

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