New York

New York City Street Photography

New York City is a target rich location for Street Photography. It is a mix of both old world and modern architecture. The natural and man made lighting in this city that never stops always creates a new scene, be it reflections on buildings, colours from store windows, headlamps, anything.

Taking Photos at Ground Level

What interests me about New York, or any location for street photography, is what is going on at a ground level. Not so much the “ground floor” but more, how people, residents, tourists, whoever are using the space. That to me is about capturing the new true New York. How the small places like small store, or taxis, or tourists enjoying a space react.

There is something i like about the lighting in Harlem. It is a dark part of New York. Sure it might have a reputation but it is more the fact it is badly lit it seems to add to the mood of the place. It helps me as a street photographer tell more of a storey in a scene with lighting.

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