Selfless Moments

Selfies are the height of pure arrogance. Or so I used to think.

As a Photographer, I often was annoyed and actually rather judgemental about people visiting a new location, a stunning location like natural landmark or famous city and pulling out their smartphone to take a photo of themselves there. Sometimes with a decent camera around their neck. They couldn’t be bothered taking a decent image of the place or their holiday with a decent camera, they were arrogant enough to just want to take photos of themselves there.

Thinking deeper about things as a street photographer, I realised I was wrong.

Selfies are not something arrogant

The act of taking selfies is not self centred. It is actually something true. It is truly about people interacting with the space they are in. Taking selfies is about as true an act of street photography as you can get. You are truly showing the emotion you are experiencing in a space.

I created this album because I think it was a new idea. Celebrating people celebrating a location by recording their emotions in a space. Street photography to me is all about truth: The truth of the emotion of people experiencing the location. Interacting with it. Interacting with each other.

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