The Malls Balls – Rundle Mall Adelaide

Taken with the Leica 35mm Summicron. A Lens I no longer own as I upgraded to the 35mm Summilux.

Something that is a lot pf fun about photographing the Rundle Malls Balls, because they are 2 great big polished steel balls is that you can get a wide angle view effect in their reflection. I like the polarised look I got from these, from the high shutter speed in the height of winter with the strong daylight.

Originally put up in 1977, the 4m balls, known officially as ‘The Spheres’ by Bert Flugelman, consist of two large stainless steel spheres with a diameter of 2.15 metres, balanced one on top of the other. Well, I guess they have a pin or something keeping them together. Uniquely Rundle Mall hey?

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