Time Standing Still

Out on a bike ride through the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide on New Years Day 2021. Capturing empty streets with a timeless look.

Shot on Ilford Pan F Plus 50 Black and White film with my Leica MP.

This photo project reminded me again why I enjoy shooting with Leica so much. The MP is a tough camera, and the Leica lenses are built to last. So I felt ok with the camera round my neck while cycling. I wasn’t worried about it. And it was lightweight, didn’t get in the way and was so small and easy to move with.

The quality you can get from a Leica is second to none. It is a fully professional grade camera in a compact size you can rely on to have with you anywhere.

The Leica MP is a camera that will share a lifetime of memory making with the photographer.

Everything was closed on new years day 2021. It was as if everyone had vanished as I hardly saw another person. Time was standing still letting me photograph the urban landscapes in the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide while enjoying a bike ride in the perfect 30°C weather.

Factories and businesses were closed. The industrial area, Gepps Cross through to Port Adelaide was eerily quiet.

Ilford Pan F Plus 50 is a Panchromatic film. That means it captures a grey for every colour so it has such a wide range of shades that end up in your images.

I think new years day is one of the few times of the year you can capture photos like this. It is truly when most of the streets are deserted. And everything is resting, waiting for the chaos of the world to begin again.

No one on the streets but me taking photos of the urban landscape.

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