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BG Eraser is an online tool for removing an unwanted background from photos. Normally, I’d use Photoshop which I know like the back of my hand but I was helping out a friend setup a mini Ecommerce store and they aren’t too software savvy, so I got them started on this. It is certainly easy, and quick, but there is a resolution limit for the free version.

Usually, we need to remove the unwanted background of a photo. We don’t have time to learn new software, and we want a quick fix tool that can solve our problem in a few seconds. In such a situation, BgEraser is the best choice.

BgEraser Tool

BgEraser is a useful background remover tool. You can access the online tool on the website of BgEraser, where it can remove backgrounds at lightning speed. It has loads of artificial intelligence built into it. You can say that BgEraser is a background eraser tool with a mind of its own. It does not ask for any manual intervention from you and does the job silently.

The moment we upload an image, it takes only three seconds to remove backgrounds from that image. You can use this tool for free. If you are interested in removing backgrounds from high-resolution photos, you may consider signing up at their website. If you like this tool, you can become a monthly paid subscriber and remove background for as low as $0.03. Even if you can’t commit a higher monthly payment, a $5 plan for 50 images will still charge you only $0.10 per print.

How to use it?

There are essentially three steps.

1.  Add images

You have the option to either browse the folders and select a file or drag the photo to the tool window on the website. Ensure that the maximum resolution is 700×700 and the size of the file is not more than 2MB. Remember, you need to sign up for a higher configuration.

2.  Start the process

After the photo is uploaded, click the start button to let the background eraser tool’s artificial intelligence remove backgrounds within a few seconds.

3.  Save converted images

You can view the converted images and save them to your device.


1.  BgEraser is fast and user-friendly to operate with only three simple steps.

2.  It is available free of cost for beginners.

3.  It saves enough time by completing its job within five seconds. You can also use batch processing to save time in loading pics one by one.

4.  You need not learn any complicated software.

5.  The website erases all personal data within 24 hours.


BgEraser is the best choice for those who need only to remove the background. There is no prior requirement to learn complicated software. BgEraser is a user-friendly, cost-effective, and time-saving background eraser tool for beginners as well as professionals.

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