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Out and About in London with the Leica 28mm F1.4 Summilux

Wonderful summer days make for wonderful street photography. I enjoy capturing happy moments and everything seems fun, carefree and joyful in the summer. I’m at home with my Leica 28mm Summilux on the M11. The 28mm focal length was always an odd focal length for Leica, they stayed focussed on 35mm and 50mm for years but now the 28mm is popular, especially with the Leica Q. Why is the 28mm so popular? It is the focal length of your smartphone. That’s right, the iPhone by standard is 28mm and most smartphones have followed this.

I’m finding I can do everything I want with the 28mm F1.4. Stop it down for an all round sharp image, or open it up for a contrasty, surreal combination of shallow depth and wide angle which you can’t get anywhere else.

Nothing ever beats the typical pop of a Leica photograph.

The option for shallow depth is opening up a new level of creative freedom to me on this trip.

I’ve got an in depth review of the 28mm Summilux you can check out.

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