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ICC Pudu Food Court and Wet Market

In June 2023, on a scorching day in Kuala Lumpur, I had the chance to visit ICC Pudu with a newfound friend. Stepping out of the car and entering the bustling food court, the intense heat initially overwhelmed me, but I quickly adapted.

If you’re ever wondering where to experience genuine local breakfast delights in Kuala Lumpur, look no further than ICC Pudu, a popular hawker food centre frequented by the locals. Here, you can savour a diverse array of local delicacies all in one place. Allow me to present my ICC Pudu Food Guide!

Great for Street Photos…Just loose yourself there

I absolutely relished the experience; it was right up my alley. After enjoying a delightful late breakfast and a refreshing ice cream bubble tea, I couldn’t resist capturing the moments with my trusty Leica M-A and Elmarit 28mm camera.

I was in my element. Read up more about the Sunny 16 Rule, but the thing to remember is that you need to embrace the beauty in imperfections in your exposure and focus. You’ll get a real organic effect in your photos.

An Authentic Wet Market Experience

The Pudu wet market offers an authentic Asian wet market experience that is truly captivating. When you step into this bustling marketplace, you are instantly immersed in the vibrant atmosphere.

From a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to live chickens, frogs, and an assortment of meats, the market showcases a diverse range of products. The liveliness and organized chaos of the market add to its charm, making it a truly lovely and memorable experience.

Just be prepared the stall owners want to hurry you through the dining experience so don’t be surprised if they cast you a few odd looks if you are taking a while to eat a small order.

And when lining up, be prepared to be made to wait for a table while other larger groups (who will likely spend more money) are moved ahead of you.

There are too many stalls to list here, and I only tried one. But here is a great write up

I’ve done some more research

ICC Pudu, known as the Integrated Commercial Complex, is the ultimate destination to indulge in authentic local Chinese cuisine and immerse yourself in the traditional flavours of Kuala Lumpur. In 2016, more than 260 stalls were relocated from the renowned Imbi wet market to ICC Pudu to pave the way for the development of Tun Razak Exchange. This hawker centre primarily consists of Chinese vendors, making it a true haven for diverse Asian food offerings.

Locals adore ICC Pudu, evident from the lively crowds that gather for breakfast, forming long queues at the most popular stalls. The food court boasts an extensive selection of Malaysian delicacies, and you’d need several visits to savour all the delicious offerings. With numerous hawker stalls serving a wide variety of dishes, deciding what to eat at ICC Pudu can be quite a delightful challenge.

ICC Pudu was established in the 2010s with the aim of providing improved and cleaner facilities for the traders from Imbi Market, and to relocate them from the valuable prime land the old market occupied. Consequently, decades of culinary history made their way to this new spot, with many stalls still being operated by second or third-generation proprietors, serving patrons from various generations. Moreover, in recent years, it has attracted a younger audience as well.

However, if you prefer a more comfortable dining environment without the humidity and noise, ICC Pudu might not be your ideal choice. But for those willing to embrace the ambiance and experience, the variety of cuisine offered here is a rewarding treat. The dishes are served with simplicity, yet they boast layers of delectable flavours that will surely leave you satisfied. To fully enjoy the diverse offerings, I recommend visiting with a group of friends so you can try dishes from the impressive 20 or more stalls, each with their own specialties!

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