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Is Fuji C200 Made by Kodak Now?

A slight shock to the system recently about one of my favourite colour films. If anyone can shed further light on this it would be appreciated, please comment below. Who is now making Fuji C200 Film? This week I bought some new Fuji 200. By chance I happened to have an older box of C200 I’d bought in 2021 in my drawer, and I couldn’t help notice the difference in the packaging. My older C200 was branded Fujifilm C200, but my new bought in January 2024 film was branded Fujifilm 200.

The New Fujifilm 200 is Made in the USA

Odd, I thought when I looked at the packaging. Then I saw it, the Fujifilm C200 is made in the in USA, but the Fujicolor C200 was made in Japan.

I did some research

Turns out, Fujifilm announced the release of Fujicolor 200, a ‘new’ film stock that so far has only shown up on the company’s North America website. While both its name and franking the purple branding I thought that it was C200 film.

I loved the colour tones and way Fuji C200 rendered everything.

Is the ‘New’ Fuji 200 Just Kodak Gold?

The datasheet for the ‘new’ Fujifilm 200 film stock shows a colour profile much different to that in the datasheet for its Fujicolor C200 film stock and one extremely similar to the datasheet for Kodak’s Gold 200 film stock.

I feel sad. I loved the look of Fuji C200 and will miss it. Anyone know where I can get it in Australia?

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  1. Oh no I heard so, but I was hoping it wasn’t true… These data sheets don’t lie though. I’m also very sad. What about the F.400?

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