Take and Edit Great Photos

How do we achieve our vision technically? The hardest part of photography is all about the vision, the rest if the technical aspect.

When I was in high school I was full on into computers. When I was old enough to choose between doing Design class or Woodwork, I chose Design, because it was a class where we would use computers. I remember thinking I would be great at it straight away because I knew how to do everything on computers and design programs, and, well, formatting some text on a page and changing sliders to change how a picture looked, “How hard could it be?”

How wrong I was. Sure, using the software was easy. But getting the creative vision was not easy. It is the same with photography. Using a camera is easy, but visualising what photo you want to take that will amaze others is not easy.

That’s why I’ve made this page hopefully to show you how to use the technology easily, so you can focus on achieving your vision.

For film developing tutorials, check out my videos

Developing Ilford black and white film at home is easy, and it is a credit to Ilford how forgiving it is to mistakes in temperature or chemical concentration.

Trying out

BG Eraser is an online tool for removing an unwanted background from photos. Normally, I’d use Photoshop which I know like the back of my hand but I was helping…

When it comes to Lightroom and photoshop, I recommend the Northrups:

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Also I have to recommend Matt Granger for a lot of reviews and quick how to’s. He tends to debunk a lot of myths and explain things fairly clearly when it comes to the technical aspects.

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