Photography Techniques

How do we achieve our vision technically? The hardest part of photography is all about the vision, the rest is the technical aspect.

When I was in high school I was full on into computers. When I was old enough to choose between doing Design class or Woodwork, I chose Design, because it was a class where we would use computers. I remember thinking I would be great at it straight away because I knew how to do everything on computers and design programs, and, well, formatting some text on a page and changing sliders to change how a picture looked, “How hard could it be?”

How wrong I was. Sure, using the software was easy. But getting the creative vision was not easy. It is the same with photography. Using a camera is easy, but visualising what photo you want to take that will amaze others is not easy.

That’s why I’ve made this page hopefully to show you how to use the technology easily, so you can focus on achieving your vision.

Film developing tutorials

When I want to have black and white photos, I put black and white film in my camera. Black and white film offers unique qualities that can’t be replicated with digital or desaturating colour photography. While it’s possible to convert colour images to black and white during post-processing, there are several reasons why it’s better to shoot black and white film directly.
I tend to think that in photography, a lot of us get way too hung up on things being technically perfect, that we forget the most important thing that really matters: The emotional impact of the image. How the photograph we take, makes someone feel.
I’ve written before about colourizng black and white photos. Anyway, I’ve found a new online tool to give it a try, Image Colorizer, and wanted to share the results, as well as a how to guide for the App, Picture Colorizer.
Now we can convert any of our old black and white family photos to colour. For Free. I’ve found a great tool to colourise black and white photos. Colourise.SG, this website currently is free and I’m impressed. I’ve tried it with a few different images.
Recently, I’ve bought a new printer. And I don’t think I needed to. It was all because of the Epson E11 Error. What is the Epson E11 Error? Epson inkjet printers have a waste ink system. That is, after so many prints, nozzle cleans, power ink flushes, the waste ink pad or tank is full.
Printing photos on canvas can look awesome when done correctly with the right image. Once the realm of painters, canvas printing is now readily available to photographers. A few years ago people were crazy for it when the retailers started offering it.