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The Leica MP rocks. Technically, this 35mm film camera is built to be tough, simple, reliable, and to be that photographic companion for the lifetime of the owner. This is going to be a camera review without sample pictures. Why? This is purely a mechanically driven metal box, the pictures that come out of it are driven by your choice of film, lens, and … skill with a camera. In 2012, a Zero series (0-Series) Leica camera sold for €2.16 million. It included an F 3.5 50mm lens. The 0-Series were prototypes before the higher volume production of the Leica 1 series. Only 25 were ever produced, all with little tweaks and variants for experimentation around 1923, currently there are only 12 known to exist. So I was lucky enough to try out the Leica M10! I only had it in my hands for about 10 minutes at the Adelaide Central Market, but it was enough to grab some similar shots to those I had previously got on the M240.
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