There was a time when opening any high-power program on a laptop running on battery power would mean you had a flat battery in 20 to 30 minutes. Even when using non demanding apps, I remember when the realistic battery life of any laptop was at best 2 and half hours.
Why I no longer use Impreza by UpSolution for any of my websites, and why I think you shouldn’t either. This is my review of Impreza, and my reasons for now departing from it. Make no mistake, Impreza is a great theme to do anything, but there is one big elephant in the room as to why I will no longer have anything to do with it.
I’m typing this on my week and a half old MacBook Air M2. I’m already convinced this is the best Mac, and the best computer I have ever owned. Currently I own a Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra processor and 64Gb Ram, a 16” MacBook Pro Intel i9 and now, the MacBook Air M2, and out of all of them, I am enjoying it the most.
The NBN seems to love invoicing for services, coming up with ideas for fees and making random charges to Australian homes and businesses but not actually giving them much, if anything, in return. They seem to be so bureaucratic that they seem to be creating processes for the sake of creating processes in their office and charging people for it.
So what has gone wrong with the NBN in Australia? I was once happy paying Telstra $89.95 a month for cable internet that gave me 100mbps with unlimited downloads. Sure enough, there were cheaper internet plans out there, but bundled with my mobile it was a good deal to me for the speed.
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