Street Photography

Providore at the Adelaide Central Market is a bit of a favourite of mine. Fair warning this share is meant to be a street photo taken on Kodak Portra 160 but could turn into a review telling you how great Providore is.

I wasn’t sure how to name this shot. I snapped it at Darling Harbour a month ago. Taken with the 35mm Summilux which is my go to favourite lens. Let the image tell the story. For me, 35mm is an ideal focal length.

I saw this photo coming. I was out taking photos of the lighting at Victoria Square in Adelaide and saw this picture just about to happen with the lighting, the shadows and the father and son walking together in frame. I wonder what the story is?

Rundle St during the Adelaide Fringe. In the middle of ‘Mad March’ 2019. The last year before COVID happened. Remember times like this before social distancing? I just went for a walk in the evening with the Leica M10 and snapped away.