I’ve just really enjoyed listening to the best of Joe Hisasishi at the Fever Candlelight Orchestra at the Adelaide Town Hall. Featuring the Adelaide Concert Orchestra and conducted by Adelaide’s own Graeme Press. Visually it was special: Candlelight concerts bring the magic of a live, multi-sensory musical experience to awe-inspiring locations never before used for this purpose in Adelaide.
I think Mark McGowan’s recommendations for those working from home to get back to the office are right. We need to be working in the office, all of us, together, not at home on video conferencing apps. The Premier of Western Australia has said of working in the office that “It creates collegiality, it creates a culture that’s constructive, people work together to achieve outcomes…Everyone sitting in their kitchen on their laptops I don’t think generates that.” He couldn’t be more right.
Why I no longer use Impreza by UpSolution for any of my websites, and why I think you shouldn’t either. This is my review of Impreza, and my reasons for now departing from it. Make no mistake, Impreza is a great theme to do anything, but there is one big elephant in the room as to why I will no longer have anything to do with it.
To the ride share driver who picked me up to go to my 2nd Pfizer vaccine at the vaccination hub this week who subsequently ended the ride early and ripped me off: If you want freedom to choose not to be vaccinated, why must you dictate to the rest of us, and loose all credibility and respect, by derailing our efforts to be vaccinated when we want to be?
The time has come America, to take action about your deadly gun culture. Your love of guns has not only blinded you to the reality that they empower individuals to kill a lot of innocent people, but your selfish demands to keep unnecessary types of guns available to the general public shows how you value your hobby – not your rights – but your own selfish desires, over the lives of the innocent.
In late 2011 I took out a mortgage on a house to live in that was around 5 times my yearly income, but I managed to pay it off totally in about 3 and a half years. I did this with no gifts or support from other family members.
I’ve recently subdivided my house into 2 new houses in Australia. Subdivision is becoming a common practice here where you take an older house on a larger block, in my case an 18m wide bock, demolish the house and split it into 2 new blocks, for me 2x 9m wide blocks, and build 2 new houses.
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