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Welcome, and thanks so much for stopping by. I’m Adam.

I am a seriously avid street photographer. I’m fascinated by how people interact with the urban environment and the stories that come out of urban landscape photography.

I review gear I have personally bought, and share how I use it to be creative in the urban landscape.

Cinestill 50D Film Review

Are you looking for a new way to achieve a cinematic look to your still photos? Cinestill 50D is repackaged Kodak Vision 3 50D (aka Kodak 5203/7203) colour negative motion…

Leica Rangefinder Fan

I’m an avid fan of Leica gear and after using loads of compacts and DSLRs from Canon, Nikon and others, I have settled on the Leica M system.

What I love about it is the timelessness of the lenses, and that I am able to shoot with a system similar to that which was used decades ago. Leica Ms rely 100% on the skills of the photographer…

…the result is always 100% your own work, not the work of computers in the camera.

Film vs Digital – A Leica User’s Thoughts

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Leica Q2 Monochorom

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Leica Camera presents the Leica Q2 Monochrom – the next-generation model of the Leica Q line of cameras. With a newly developed full-frame monochrome sensor, a fast Leica Summilux 28…
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My Favourite Type of Photography

Street photography. Especially at night.

One of the things I love to do is walk around after sunset and photograph all the lights, shadows and look for whatever we don’t normally notice about what is happening after dark in public areas.

Please contribute

Please get in touch, if you want to share photos or reuse mine, share ideas I’d love to hear from you. I want to create a resource for photography, review and any creative or photo journalism ideas. Always keen to hear from people.