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Why I shoot Film

This is not a Film vs Digital Post

I am not going to compare the qualities, clarity, sharpness, highlights/shadows or dynamic range of film vs digital sensors. It would truly be impossible for anyone to give a correct answer. Of course a pixel peeper might try. A tech nerd might try and convince you that megapixels are the only thing that makes a clear image without considering, or knowing anything about lens quality. A nostalgic photographer will tell you film rules without bothering to learn about the qualities of digital.

I like to shoot film

It isn’t so much that I see film as a better medium. It is impossible to prove it one way or the other. But I see the qualities of film as better for the types of photographs I want to produce.

What Makes Film Better for Me?

Film photography keeps me in the moment. I don’t get distracted by the screen on the back of the camera. I don’t get distracted by things like the battery, or buffer, or sensor cleaning, or anything else a digital camera might do. I just look for the photo, take the photo, and wind on with the mechanical arm. No distractions.

What I enjoy is getting to know the properties of a type of film. And knowing how that particular films properties will render an image for me.

Film makes you design the photograph you want before it is taken…Digital is the other way around.

Maybe it is being miserly, but when shooting film you are very conscious of the cost of film. So you tend to slow yourself down, and focus on the moment, and about getting your image right first time. You think a lot more about getting the right focus, and exposure for the picture you want considering the scene in front of you. You don’t tend to rely on bracketing or shooting RAW just so you can have more latitude to fix your exposure in post editing.

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