Push Pin Boutique on Compton St Adelaide

A vintage style store that sells vintage fashion in Adelaide.

I think that good urban photography should have a timeless style to it. So you cannot really tell when the photo was taken. That is what I really like about this part of Adelaide for street photography.

Capturing candid, unmediated chance encounters: That is what street photography is about. I think that is what is captured here. That, and an unusual perspective.

Sometimes to make a photo seem more interesting, it is worth trying to find an unusual perspective, to make the scale of different aspects seem different, unrealistic.

It looks like all of New York City has stopped for this lady to cross the street.

A photo you just see coming

This was one of those street photos I got because I saw it coming. Siting on the top deck of a tour bus I saw her running to cross over before the lights changed.

Street photography is about sometimes capturing the unusual moments to tell a story. I captured this one on a hot day, it was around 45°C in Adelaide, and I was out walking. I wasn’t too interested in photos of people sweating.