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A Photo that is Precious to Me

This image might not look like much. A roughly 12 year old posing with a model aeroplane and a can of Coke. But, it is representative of why many people actually take photos. For memories. Back around the time this photo was taken, that was often on compact film cameras. Camera phones, let alone smartphones, simply didn’t exist then, and digital cameras were in their infancy, and not many people owned computers.

I found this photo, as a print recently after going through some old boxes. Me, with my petrol powered radio controlled plane, the Wot 4. I loved flying that plane. Model flight was an outlet for me back in the day. It was a great hobby.

I’m so grateful that the print for this image has survived, and now I’ve got to scan it so I’ll (hopefully) keep a hold of it to remember a great time I had as a youngster for years to come.

I actually think that the fun of taking photos, and then forgetting about them, and then the excitement of getting the prints back from the shop is gone. It was something fun back in the day…camera phones, although they are convenient have ruined that bit of fun with photography.

Happy memories, and the excitement of reliving them is a reason to take photos. And it was so much better in the film days!

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