What I really like about the affordable cinema cameras of the 2020s is that they offer anyone an entry to the performance and features of digital cinema cameras of 2005-2010ish. And, with editing software so accessible and easy, there really isn’t any excuse not to make a movie if you really want to.
Inspired by song Lyrics from Seal, this new limited edition Leica embodies the visual poetry of light. Leica has unveiled the Leica Q2 “Dawn” special edition camera set, designed by Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Seal. Paying homage to the soulful lyrics of Seal’s songs, the special edition set celebrates the human connection in the art of making a photograph, shining light on the subjects of a frame – while painting unique perspectives for artists behind the lens.
The history of Leica optical design dates back more than 150 years and speaks to innovative engineering, uncompromising precision and outstanding quality. This applies especially to Leica M lenses. One of the most versatile among them has now been redesigned to provide even more flexibility for creators: the Leica Summilux-M 35 f/1.4 ASPH.
I think Mark McGowan’s recommendations for those working from home to get back to the office are right. We need to be working in the office, all of us, together, not at home on video conferencing apps. The Premier of Western Australia has said of working in the office that “It creates collegiality, it creates a culture that’s constructive, people work together to achieve outcomes…Everyone sitting in their kitchen on their laptops I don’t think generates that.” He couldn’t be more right.
Why I no longer use Impreza by UpSolution for any of my websites, and why I think you shouldn’t either. This is my review of Impreza, and my reasons for now departing from it. Make no mistake, Impreza is a great theme to do anything, but there is one big elephant in the room as to why I will no longer have anything to do with it.
So 2 weeks ago I stepped out of my comfort zone and into the new world of escape rooms at Escape Hunt Adelaide. I’d never done an escape room before. I’d kinda been curious but fear of failure or being locked in somewhere probably held me back.
I’m typing this on my week and a half old MacBook Air M2. I’m already convinced this is the best Mac, and the best computer I have ever owned. Currently I own a Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra processor and 64Gb Ram, a 16” MacBook Pro Intel i9 and now, the MacBook Air M2, and out of all of them, I am enjoying it the most.
The biggest new feature, and what excites me most about the Leica M11 is the 64ISO. To me this represents the cleanest, most detailed, best possible images available from the Leica M11’s new sensor. It also lets me use my fast F1.4 50/35/28mm Summilux lenses to their full extent and shoot wide open.