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NBN in Australia, What Has Gone Wrong?

So what has gone wrong with the NBN in Australia?

I was once happy paying Telstra $89.95 a month for cable internet that gave me 100mbps with unlimited downloads. Sure enough, there were cheaper internet plans out there, but bundled with my mobile it was a good deal to me for the speed. I was happy.

That was in 2018.

Then, in 2019, I moved out of my house in order to knock it down and rebuild. That went well.

By the time I moved back, Telstra Cable internet was not available there anymore, only NBNCo connections on the same HFC cable line. WooHoo, I thought, given 12 months has past, I should be able to have a better service for less money than I’d spent previously. No so with the NBN. The NBN takes things backwards.

For the same money as I previously spend on Telstra cable, I am now getting a slower, less reliable connection on the NBN. My Telstra Cable vs the NBN connection never dropped out. NBN drops out regularly. The top speed of my Telstra Cable vs the NBN was 100mbps, and stable. The best speed I’ve been able to reach with the NBN is around 20mbps. So for the same price, I’m getting far less than what I got previously.

So I ask the question….what has gone wrong with the NBN, National Broadband Network in Australia? This NBN is a complete lemon!

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