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A Winter’s Night Walk

I saw this photo coming. I was out taking photos of the lighting at Victoria Square in Adelaide and saw this picture just about to happen with the lighting, the shadows and the father and son walking together in frame. I wonder what the story is? I really like the contrast in different lighting, and in colours. It really emphasizes the temperatures (it was winter) and the contrast in colours just sets the mood.

This is why I like a Leica for street photography. You can see what is happening and coming in and out of the frame so it makes composing the photograph really easy, I was able to compose the photograph around them walking.

Victoria Square Adelaide

Victoria Square, also known as Tarntanyangga s the central square of five public squares in the Adelaide city centre, South Australia. It is one of six squares designed by the founder of Adelaide, Colonel William Light, who was Surveyor-General at the time, in his 1837 plan of the City of Adelaide which spanned the River Torrens Valley, comprising the city centre (South Adelaide) and North Adelaide. The square was named on 23 May 1837 by the Street Naming Committee after Princess Victoria, then heir presumptive of the British throne. In 2003, it was assigned a second name, Tarndanyangga (later amended to Tarntanyangga), in the Kaurna language of the original inhabitants, as part of the Adelaide City Council’s dual naming initiative. The square was first named “Victoria Square” on 23 May 1837 by the Street Naming Committee, in honour of the then Princess Victoria.

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