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Anti-Vaxx Groups: Stop Trying to Block My Right for Vaccination

To the ride share driver who picked me up to go to my 2nd Pfizer vaccine at the vaccination hub this week who subsequently ended the ride early and ripped me off: If you want freedom to choose not to be vaccinated, why must you dictate to the rest of us, and loose all credibility and respect, by derailing our efforts to be vaccinated when we want to be? You have a right to choose not to be vaccinated, but not the right to stop me getting my vaccination.

Let me fill everyone in here: This week I booked a ride share for the 20 min ride to my nearest vaccination centre to get my 2nd shot of Pfizer. The driver arrived and seemed friendly enough. My mind was on other things but we started a polite conversation, like you do, “How’s your day…been busy….great weather.” Then, he asked me what my plans were for the afternoon.

“Oh I’m just heading to get my COVID-19 vaccination,” I replied.

Awkward silence. The driver shook his head. “I can’t do it buddy,” he became a little incoherent “This is the government trying to alter people’s DNA, you know they won’t release any of the vaccinations for critique and analysis by the wider scientific community? There is no liability by the government, no liability by the drug companies for a vaccine that was rushed through. I’m not 100% anti vaccination but…” For the record, everything he said was a myth. Get the facts on COVID-19 vaccines.

By this time I cut him off “It’s alright mate, I’ve already had my first dose and I need to get my second. I want to travel overseas again soon.”

The driver pulled over. “I won’t take you there,” he said.

“What? I’ve booked you for a ride, and I’m paying for it.”

“I’m not supporting anyone to get a vaccination and won’t take people to get them. Now get out.”

Not wanting it to escalate, I got out. And booked a ride share from another company, because, and here is the icing on the cake, the driver kept the trip going and drove the rest of the way, so I couldn’t use the same app to book another ride. He ended the trip at the vaccination hub without me and I got a nice bill. Where was this w*nker’s self righteousness if he still proceeded to rip me off for a trip I didn’t take?

When I did get there, there was the usual clan of anti-vaxxers holding posters and blasting their slogans through megaphones. Like at this occurrence in Melbourne, anti-vaxxers are trying to talk people out of getting a COVID vaccine at the centres themselves.

As the sign held by an anti-vax protestor in this photo says, “My body, my choice”, anti-vaxxers you cannot stop me exercising my right. But you seem to think it is your right to do so.

A Facebook page, run by a Melbourne-based anti-vaccination advocate, is encouraging people to make a booking for a COVID-19 vaccine and not show up, in the hope doses will be thrown out.

‘Great idea! Every jab wasted is a life saved!’, one follower comments, while another, disappointingly is enthusiastic about saying: ‘Just made a booking!!’

As reported by the Geelong Advertiser, these fake vaccine bookings and subsequent no shows are wasting hundreds of life saving jabs every day.

Anti COVID Vaccine Protesters are going too far

Recently, Dr Alvin Wee, a GP in Rockingham had a four-wheel drive cruise past his temporary vaccination clinic, which is held outside so people can socially distance, blaring anti-vaccination sentiments over a loudspeaker at his patients. “They didn’t physically stop us, they didn’t actually harass us that way, but in a way it was [harassment] because it was drive-by shouting … a drive-by announcement on loudspeaker … ‘read the fine print, are you sure you want this’ and stuff like that,” Dr Wee said. The following day, anti-vaxxers vandalised his surgery with anti vaccination stickers.

GPs Receive Fake Legal Letters about COVID-19 Vaccines

Trying to further intimidate doctors and discourage them from giving out COVID-19 vaccines is a new round of fake legal letters implying they are breaking the law and leaving themselves open to litigation (which they are not).

A Nurse was accused of swapping out COVID-19 vaccines for saline solution

An anti-vaxxer who is also a nurse has allegedly delivered fake COVID vaccines to people who asked to be given the real vaccine. Dishonestly, the nurse injected thousands of people with a substance they hadn’t given their permission to be injected with but justified their actions because of their anti-vaccination sentiment. This has meant that more than 8000 people had been asked to get a repeat Pfizer vaccination.

There is no way this behaviour by the anti-vaccination community is ok.

The irony of this photo is that none of the “evidence” these anti-vaccine protestors profess to have ever comes out. I think Anti-Vaxxers are probably too arrogant and think that us normal folk won’t understand it. Or maybe, much more likely, the “evidence” simply doesn’t exist.

Anti-Vaxxers: How Dare You?

Yes I’m using the line made famous by Greta Thunberg, who incidentally is pro vaccine and wants to see them distributed more evenly than they are now. Greta Thunberg Speaks Out About COVID Vaccine Inequality. Does this mean Greta is no longer a champion of the left?

It is a delicious irony that the far leftwing anti-vaxxers want their freedom, but that seems to mean, for them, a freedom to rule and dominate without compromise over the rest of us.

Anti-Vaxxers, I will be polite and listen to your views. I will read your posters (hard not to when you hold them in front of my face), and I’ll have no choice but to hear your speeches and slogans as I pass within range of your many megaphones. But, I won’t agree with you.

Anti-Vaxxers, you have the right to protest. You have the right to choose not to be vaccinated. I actually think that given the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccination should be mandatory in most cases unless for medical exemption. It is the only way we will get through the pandemic in my view.

Anti-Vaxxers, you do not have the right to stop me exercising my right to be vaccinated.

Anti-Vaxxers, what makes you so self righteous that you can, without medical qualifications, forcibly try and prevent people who have a different view to you from getting a vaccine they are making the choice to have? What gives you the right abuse doctors and medical workers? What gives you the right to stand in my way when trying to enter a vaccination hub? Nothing gives you these rights, not even your over inflated opinion of yourselves.

Just as my ride share driver showed me: You may think you are perfect and pure of heart and saving the world, but you still sin and your ethics are somewhat lacking.

If you want respect, and freedom, you must give these.

Please, everyone who can, get vaccinated and lets end the COVID-19 pandemic together.

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