Dynamic Range Test of Leica M10 vs Leica M240

So I was lucky enough to try out the Leica M10! I only had it in my hands for about 10 minutes at the Adelaide Central Market, but it was enough to grab some similar shots to those I had previously got on the M240. Here are the high res samples. What I have found since playing with the images in Lightroom is that for my needs, the shadow recoverability is similar. That said, I think there is less contrast in the shadows, which is a good thing. The highlights on the other hand though….wow! There is so much more dynamic range for the M10 vs the M240 that I can recover so much more data in the highlights from the DNGs from the M10. Also, pushing up the exposure on the M10 in Lightroom seems to render much less noise than it ever did in the M240.

And what about the recovery of the highlights on the food here:

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