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Escape Hunt Review Adelaide – The Deadly Discovery

So 2 weeks ago I stepped out of my comfort zone and into the new world of escape rooms at Escape Hunt Adelaide. I’d never done an escape room before. I’d kinda been curious but fear of failure or being locked in somewhere probably held me back. But…I ended up going with a really cool new mate (they know who they are if they are reading this) who full on loves escape rooms and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try one.

First Rule of Escape Rooms

Do not reveal any clues or how to’s. So you wont find any ‘How to escape the Deadly Discovery Escape Room’ here. I wish a certain colleague (you definitely know who you are) would follow this rule as although I haven’t been to them yet, I do know how to solve 2 other rooms in Adelaide thanks to this chatterbox who visits a lot of them.

Second Rule of Escape Rooms

Don’t do the same room twice. Apparently it is boring the second time.

Third Rule of Escape Rooms

Have Fun. Keep an open mind. Remember you are totally safe, even if, like me, you were worried claustrophobia might kick in.

Onto Escape Hunt

All of their games take place in brilliantly themed rooms designed with incredible attention to detail. I dig the 1930s style reception room when you walk in. Staff were great (and I’m sure they enjoy having a giggle at those of us getting a bit lost in the room through the cameras). Location is easy, just off Rundle Mall on Twin St. I’m going to recommend the place for the next staff Christmas party at work.

The Deadly Discovery

Inspired by the work of South Australian scientist Howard Florey (who discovered penicillin) Adelaide Escape Hunt’s escape room ‘The Deadly Discovery’ sees you locked in a race against time to solve a deadly mystery and (hopefully) save millions of lives.

While researching penicillin Howard accidentally created a penicillin resistant bacteria and – fearing the devastating consequences of his discovery – hid the formula somewhere in his home. Now, Howard has been kidnapped and, as one of Australia’s finest detectives you have been called upon to find and destroy the bacteria before it falls into the wrong hands.

Escape Hunt

Were we “Australia’s finest detectives”?…read to the end to find out.

Once the door shut, we needed to work together to solve a series of fiendishly clever clues. I think we got a bit stumped by the first clue, and that held us up. I spend 10 mins on the floor in a dimly lit corridor ….(not gonna reveal anything)

The first stage was a combination of searching, problem solving and physical skill all rolled into one just to get through the next door. I should point out, the Deadly Discovery escape room is actually a series of 3. The game is rated medium-to-hard by Adelaide Escape Hunt and has a series of baffling clues that will unlock doors and boxes, reveal further clues, uncover hidden keys, and generally tax your brain with mysterious scribblings left behind by the scientist whose domain you’ve entered.

Occasionally a morse code beeped with a clue and something appeared on a screen hinting what to do, and keep the story moving.

I really liked the theme

It had a true 1940s feel to it. And being the history enthusiast I am the retro items and artworks really enchanted me. The attention to detail overall is fantastic. When you let your mind go, you can immerse yourself in it. And the crime drama lover in me was enjoying the story.

The Clues

I’d say my friend knew more about how to find clues in escape rooms because they had a lot more experience. No sooner did we enter each room, they were opening everything, looking under, over, behind, testing everything. That’s experience I guess. I’m pleased I held solve some clues though and wasn’t out for a duck. Although we did find some of the hints that came through the screens to help rather useful.

It is fun….Absolutely. Is it scary. Absolutely not, nothing of that nature here. Is it family friendly? I’d say more adult, it could be a bit too difficult or frustrating for preteens who might get bored.

I’m not giving anything away here, you need to go and enjoy this room for yourself. But, you need to look for clues everywhere. Up, down, behind, under, reach around, read everything but realise some items are there to throw a red herring.

Did we solve the room? No. But only because I think we got a bit thrown early on and lost time. After the start, we built up a lot of momentum, and I’d like to think with an extra 10 minutes, we could have solved it.

I can only thank my mate for getting me to try it. New experiences with mates are the best.

So if you are looking for a new experience in Adelaide. Doesn’t matter how square you are, give Escape Hunt a try.

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