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Leica Q2 “Dawn” Special Edition Inspired by Seal

Inspired by song Lyrics from Seal, this new limited edition Leica embodies the visual poetry of light. Leica has unveiled the Leica Q2 “Dawn” special edition camera set, designed by Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Seal. Paying homage to the soulful lyrics of Seal’s songs, the special edition set celebrates the human connection in the art of making a photograph, shining light on the subjects of a frame – while painting unique perspectives for artists behind the lens. The Leica Q2 “Dawn” camera’s exquisite Japanese-woven fabric covering is crafted to ensure each of the 500 cameras in the edition is one-of-a-kind. Drawing inspiration from the golden glow of sunrise and the dance between light and shadows, this set is further accentuated by an exclusive scarf, featuring Seal’s handwritten lyrics.

The Japanese term “komorebi” inspired the covering of the special edition, describing the transparency and interplay of light which occurs when sunlight falls through a tree canopy. The fabric covering, produced by the Japanese brand Hosoo, is marked as an innovative milestone in the art of weaving, using black thread (93% polyester) and gold-colored Japanese paper (7% washi).

In tune with his music, Seal’s photography evokes emotion, shining light on the beauty and humanity of the moment – aligning with the aesthetic philosophy of the limited edition set. The limited-edition scarf featured in Q2 “Dawn” by Seal set is designed by multimedia artist Annina Roescheisen, who interprets Seal’s lyrics through gold elements on black background, further exemplifying the impact of light emerging through darkness. The scarf was developed by New York fashion label Rag & Bone and produced in Italy. A white variation of the scarf, sold separately from the camera set, will be available in select Leica Stores.

The set is accompanied by a rope strap, adorned with the handwritten lyric, “you became the light on the dark side of me,” extracted from the song “Kiss from a Rose”. In addition to the unique iridescent fabric, the Leica Q2 “Dawn” by Seal camera features a black Leica logo, Seal’s engraved signature, and the edition number. The launch of the edition kicks off with Seal’s photography exhibition at Leica Gallery Los Angeles, on view from September 21 through October 31, 2022. Also featured in the exhibition are works by Annina Roescheisen.

The technical features of the Q2 “Dawn” by Seal are identical to the serial production model, with a 47.3 megapixel, full-format sensor and the fast Leica Summilux 28 f/1.7 ASPH. lens. The Q2’s sensor allows a dynamic range of 14 f-stops (at ISO 100) and a color depth of 14 bits. The camera stores the images in DNG and/or JPEG format, the 4K videos with 30 or 24 frames per second (fps), Cinema 4K films with 24 fps, and full HD recordings with up to 120 fps. Using the digital zoom, photographers are able to extend the 28mm focal length (47 megapixels) to 35 mm (30 MP), 50 mm (15 MP) and 75 mm (7 MP). The Q2 “Dawn” by Seal is limited to 500 pieces worldwide and priced at US$5,995.

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