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Leica Travel Mug

It is funny, when we receive promotional or items like this from Leica, they tend to arrive better packed than expensive lenses and cameras from other manufacturers.

That was what the dealer at the camera store told me when I bought the Leica Travel Mug. Key features include:

  • Made in Germany
  • Rubber lid to stop spillage
  • Tough material
  • Works fine with coffee machines at my local barista

As far as I know it is available in 2 paint jobs. I have the standard grey (not sure what pantone) with Leica logo and web addresses, and another one in the 0.95 style to fit in with their marketing campaign for the F0.95 50mm Noctilux.

When I filled the cup for the first time (with hot tea) I got a shock as it was actually really hot on the outside. It doesn’t seal heat very well, but, oh well it is just pottery, not a thermos mug. That’s right, it is made from clay not plastic, it is not a vacuum mug. Classy.

In your hand, although warm, it feels smooth and solid, dependable, just like a Leica Rangefinder camera. You know it will last. Indeed, I have dropped my mug a few times (luckily I’ve never dropped a Leica camera or lens) and it hasn’t even chipped. Quality.

Walking around with it in the office, I feel special. Well, special in an understated way. Just like you do with any Leica camera.

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