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Limited Edition Leica Q2: The Q2 “Ghost” by Hodinkee

It is curious for Leica, such an established century old brand to partner up with a company only founded in 2008 to develop a new industrial design and package for a limited edition camera. But, that has happened.

Who is Hodinkee?

Since being established in New York City in 2008, Hodinkee has established itself as the preeminent resource for modern and vintage wristwatch enthusiasts. Founder and CEO Benjamin Clymer and his team of writers are known for their innate understanding of both historical references and the most cutting-edge haute horlogerie, and more importantly, can explain them in a way that is both entertaining and easy to understand. Their team circles the globe looking for the most interesting stories about watches, watch collectors, watch makers, and more, and then tells those stories across a diverse group of multimedia channels.

A new Announcement from Leica

It is possible to compare the exclusive nature of owning a Leica to an exclusive watch like a Rolex. Now Leica has announced a new special edition in two variants: the Leica Q2 “Ghost” by Hodinkee and the Q2 “Ghost” Set by Hodinkee. These releases expand on the successful collaboration between the two brands which began in 2019, with the introduction of the special edition Leica M10-P “Ghost”.

The timeless design of the Leica Q2 “Ghost” by Hodinkee pays tribute to an iconic diving watch known among connoisseurs as “Ghost Bezel”. Leica designers together with Hodinkee have partnered to create an elegant, discreet colouring of this Q2 special edition model, paying homage to the legendary classic watch with its rare grey bezel.

The stylish grey leather covering made of fine cowhide with a natural texture is provided with a special coating to reliably protect the Leica Q2 “Ghost” by Hodinkee against environmental influences. The top cover and lens are painted in an unobtrusive light grey while the red Leica logo has been deliberately omitted. Additionally, the special edition includes a woven grey yarn carrying strap with a stable key ring binding. The Leica Q2 “Ghost” by Hodinkee has identical technical specifications to the Q2 serial model.

About the Leica Q2

The most cost effective way to get a 28mm Summilux lens, fused to the body with a  47.3 megapixel full frame sensor that captures both richly-detailed still pictures and 4K video in brilliant quality at ISO sensitivities up to 50,000.

There is a lot of potential with the 28mm Summilux: The fast and maximum aperture of f1.7 is ideal for capturing the world with your subject standing out in incredible sharpness while the background blurs into a beautiful void, and guarantees you outstanding imaging performance in even the most difficult lighting situations.

The Leica Q2 is the only camera in its class to feature protective sealing against dust and water spray. This means that it can brave even the most unfavourable weather conditions without the need for any additional protective measures. Shoot anywhere at any time without second thoughts and concentrate fully on what really matters – getting the perfect picture.

In Australia, the standard Q2 in black is currently $A9,290. The Hodinkee special edition is $A9,790. So, overall good value if you are looking for a limited edition Leica.

The Even more Exclusive Variant

As a second variant, Hodinkee presents the Q2 “Ghost” Set by Hodinkee. The edition limited to 150 sets worldwide is adorned with an imprinted Leica lettering on the top cover. In addition, two engravings in the display glass testify to its exclusive character: they show the respective serial number between 001/150 and 150/150 as well as the set name. The Q2 “Ghost” Set by Hodinkee incorporates a silver thumb rest, a grey carrying strap and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The Leica Q2 “Ghost” by Hodinkee will be available globally at all Leica Stores, the Leica Online Store and authorized dealers starting on December 8, 2022.

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