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Part Time Lover Adelaide | Restaurant Review

Positive vibes. When we walked into Part Time Lover for the dinner banquet in June 2020, the enthusiastic greeting “Hey!” from the staff set the tone for a wonderful night. It wasn’t over the top or in your face, it was just positive. Immediately from the greeting, I knew we were in for a fun evening.

Let me start this review by saying I wouldn’t normally post a review for a restaurant. This is a camera blog. But we had such a good time I just want to share the experience and recommend Part Time Lover as a must go to place for a meal in Adelaide. It is well worth it. We paid in full, gladly, for our meal from Part Time Lover. Don’t consider this as a review so much, but more me sharing a positive experience from a South Australian business.

The architecture has a slightly retro, slightly upmarket Miami feel to it, but the space is open and airy half inside half outside. The cutlery and napkins are all branded for the restaurant itself. Not in a cheap way, but in a quality way. You can tell the passion that the owners have put into the place. Watching some of the staff at work, especially behand the bar mixing drinks, you can tell they are there to enjoy themselves too. To them, Part Time Lover isn’t a job, it is a place to enjoy doing what they love…and that seems to be cooking a delicious meal and making people happy in a unique, positive atmosphere.

Service was totally personalised with staff checking in with you throughout the night.

I’m not a food reviewer. I’m not a food critic and wouldn’t know where to start as I tend to have more simple tastes. But I know what types of meals make me happy and that I enjoy.

Doing some research into the owners, it is clear they have a commitment to quality in the kitchen. Josh Baker’s commitment to excellence in this area shines through, and you know you are in good hands.

First stage of the banquet was corn ribs. Never had them before, but as an appetiser was really special. It wasn’t bland, but bold and just nice. Next up was sliders/mini rolls which were just as good. I really appreciate the attention to the presentation of the food.

Overall courses come out reasonably quickly after you have finished the last one so there isn’t much waiting around which I appreciated.

The kingfish in soy sauce and avocado that followed was lovely. But it was the Egyptian Celebration rice that I hope to return soon for. Rice with chicken and lamb, but the quality of the meat was clearly fantastic. The lamb was so well cooked…..but then the wagyu beef steak that followed. Wow. Totally unlike any other that I’ve had, but really something special.

As I say, I’m not a food expert. All I can say is that the food was wonderful. I went here with an open mind and staff made this my happy place for the evening. I won’t spoil it for you, just head there and try it out.

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