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Mark the Fish Jersey

A Memorial for Mark the Fish outside St Brelade Parish Hall on Jersey. When I took this, I thought it was a really nice flower bed in a well maintained boat. And It was a great shot for my 28mm Summilux. But there is a lot more back story to this photograph. Little did I know it is actually a memorial.

St Brelade’s Bloom Group unveiled the boat adorned with a beautiful floral display outside the Parish Hall in 2016. The decision to name it in honour of the late “Mark the Fish” was enthusiastically put forth by the group.

We felt it important to recognise Mark in a way that celebrated his life. It is not a memorial but a statement acknowledging that Mark ‘The Fish’ Le Riche was for many years a feature of St. Aubin, loved by many, and missed by so many more. The boat maintains his presence – the boat representing his love of the sea, and the floral display the life and vibrancy he brought to the village.

St Brelade’s Bloom Group

On April 10th 2016, the community of St Aubin mourned the loss of a beloved figure, Mark Le Riche, affectionately known as Mark the Fish. His passing left a void deeply felt by all who knew him. Tragically, shortly before his untimely departure, Mark had been recognised for his exceptional philanthropic efforts and received the prestigious title of Citizen of the Year at the St Brelade Parish Hall in St Aubin.

Throughout his life, Mark found joy in his involvement as a crew member on a Sailing Trust vessel, where he selflessly assisted individuals with physical disabilities, known as “Buddies.” He had hoped to embark on another voyage, but fate had other plans.

From a young age, Mark developed a profound passion for fishing. Whether it was setting nets along the shoreline or casting lines from his beloved boat, the “Tranquility,” he possessed remarkable skill in crafting fishing traces and lead weights. In recent years, he dedicated his time to helping his friends with their boats and served on the Committee of the St Aubins Boat Owners Association, always striving to recruit new members.

Mark also displayed a keen interest in playing Boules, teaching and participating in matches on Sunday mornings outside the former Nat West Bank in St Aubin. As a vibrant character within the village, we will deeply miss Mark, whether it was witnessing him fly his kites adorned with large squid or other marine creatures.

Never again shall we see him donned as a bride, carrying a sign that humorously reads “It Should Have Been Me,” nor assisting Father Christmas, or even dressed as an Admiral—all of these endeavors undertaken in the spirit of charity.

In a touching tribute, Mark’s ashes were scattered from the Lifeboat. People from all corners of the island gathered at St Aubin’s Harbour to pay their respects, attesting to the profound impact he had on their lives. Read up more

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