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Out in the Rain

This was just an image grabbed on my smartphone. I was running back home after being caught in a heavy downpour, but then, I saw this photo opportunity as I rounded a corner and snapped it. The old gentlemen catching shelter under an old store eve. It was a cold rainy day!

The best camera is the camera you have on you, because you always miss every photo you don’t take. For that very reason, Steve Jobs is recognised in the International Photography Hall of Fame because of the invention of the iPhone. The iPhone, the basis of smartphone designs with cameras for everyone, with them all the time, enabling everyone to document what they see. Passionate about photography both in his work and personal life, Steve Jobs most profound contribution to the artistic community and the world is the iPhone which, in less than a decade, has changed both the art of photography and the industry around it.

Yes, I did go an ask the old man if he needed assistance and was ok. He was.

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