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Providore Adelaide Central Market

Providore at the Adelaide Central Market is a bit of a favourite of mine. Fair warning this share is meant to be a street photo taken on Kodak Portra 160 but could turn into a review telling you how great Providore is. On the photo, if you have viewed other pictures of mine, you’ll know that I like photos that suggest a story. In this, I see some potential family stories with the group walking past and checking out the sweet treats on display at Providore. It was a hot day just after Christmas 2022. What I enjoy about the picture technically is the way the light from the stall is illuminating the scene and the characters.

Funny really I’ve been in this area a lot, but never gotten around to taking some snaps here. I think it is because it is an area with a lot of people that makes me feel a bit self conscious with a camera.

Providore Stall 66

No trip to Adelaide is complete without a visit to Central Market, and Providore at Stall 66 near the carpark stairs on the Gouger St side is a must stop location. This place is great for a sweet treat, a cake, and the Belgian chocolate fountain is eye catching and worth seeing. On most visits, while waiting for film to be developed at PhotoCo, I have been working my way through their treats, pies and cakes for many years, and have never had a disappointing experience.

You don’t necessarily have to be a full on sweet tooth to enjoy this place because they have a great range. Great staff too. From a recent experience I know that they make things happen. Ordering a cake for an event with a tight deadline they were able to make it happen, real sense of relief when I was able to collect it when other places said they couldn’t arrange it in time. But Providore did, and without compromising on quality.

The German Apple Cheesecake is a favourite of mine and I bought one recently for a friends party and it was very popular. Keep up the good work Providore! Check them out at or their Instragram.

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