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Review of the Las Vegas Skyjump from the Stratosphere Tower

I’m actually stunned I did this. The Las Vegas Skyjump is nearly 900ft high from the top of the Stratosphere Tower. When you get to the top all the over buildings in Vegas look tiny! When I was in Veags in 2013, I chickened out of doing the jump and regretted it until I returned in 2016.

What Happens

  1. You arrive at the check in desk at the base of the tower wondering why you decided to do this.
  2. After confirming your ID, you get suited up in a cheesy looking jumpsuit and little black bootie things and then get sized up for a harness. Being a little guy, this took a while.
  3. You get weighed, I think so the machine which controls your fall knows how much rope to let flow and at what speed.
  4. So then the one of the staff (who are great) will take you up to the top of the tower by a dedicated elevator with 1 or 2 other jumpers.
  5. At the top you are weighed again as a double check measure. Then after a few photos, you are let out to a little balcony that pokes out the tower.
  6. When your safety and jump line is clipped on, your guide coxes you off the edge. You’ll either have a great time or…..Well, nothing has gone wrong as far as I know.
  7. At the bottom you feel fantastic.

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