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Convert Black and White Photos to Colour in Seconds

Now we can convert any of our old black and white family photos to colour. For Free.

I’ve found a great tool to colourise black and white photos. Colourise.SG, this website currently is free and I’m impressed. I’ve tried it with a few different images.

A colour image taken digitally and converted to black and white in Photoshop to test how accurately the website can convert black and white to colour.

Another Ilford FP4 black and white film image, so there was never any colour information in the photo, but the website did a reasonable job of it. What most impressed me was that it figured out that, after analysing the lighting, that certain grey tones had to equal a specific colour. It seems that it analyses the scene, and deduces which grey tones are what. So it has done a reasonable job.

Thirdly a WW1 historical photo. I wanted to test how useful this tool could be to a historian trying to discover new details in a black and white photograph by converting it to colour. That is probably where I see the real usefulness in a tool like this. That and the sentimental value.

Colourisation of photos used to involve very specialised software where colours would have to be manually assigned to areas or grey tones. There was a lot of manual ‘painting’ work done by the operator. It seems that may not be required anymore.

Colour is spelt with a U. I don’t spell these words as color or coloization 😉

Ethics statement: I am not in anyway associated with Colourise.SG, I just found the site, tried it, and wanted to share.

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