May 3, 2020

Now we can convert any of our old black and white family photos to colour. For Free. I’ve found a great tool to colourise black and white photos. Colourise.SG, this website currently is free and I’m impressed. I’ve tried it with a few different images.
What is it with entitled families, or parents with kids that think the world owes them something? Why do they think that rules don’t apply to them, and that they need to be given priority ahead of others? Recently I had to replace a printer, so I visited my local Harvey Norman electronics and home store.
Recently, I’ve bought a new printer. And I don’t think I needed to. It was all because of the Epson E11 Error. What is the Epson E11 Error? Epson inkjet printers have a waste ink system. That is, after so many prints, nozzle cleans, power ink flushes, the waste ink pad or tank is full.
Printing photos on canvas can look awesome when done correctly with the right image. Once the realm of painters, canvas printing is now readily available to photographers. A few years ago people were crazy for it when the retailers started offering it.
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