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The Dress Shop

Push Pin Boutique on Compton St Adelaide

A vintage style store that sells vintage fashion in Adelaide.

I think that good urban photography should have a timeless style to it. So you cannot really tell when the photo was taken. That is what I really like about this part of Adelaide for street photography. It is timeless. Parts of it could look like they are from the 1920s, 30, 40, 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s. And I think a lot of people in Adelaide like it that way.

Apparently the business is very successful. I love the style of the building, and their retro style but timeless displays. Most of the time there is a dress on display out the front that grabs your attention. The architecture and design of the merchandise make this a place you can photograph and no one will really know when you took the photo. I wish the owner well with their venture!

Check them out on their Facebook Page.

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