Finding a new Focus Point

Here is an idea I’ve started to adapt with my photography. Finding a new focus point to make certain images more interesting. It occurred to me on a recent trip into London while I was taking photos of Tower Bridge that, my photo would be the same as many others. And, there would be lots of photographers better than me who have shared great photos of Tower Bridge online that I can enjoy. So why should I bother taking my own photo of Tower Bridge? Especially if it was going to be a wide image of it against a blue sky.

Think about it, next time you are on a holiday taking photos of a famous place, why bother? It is likely there will be much better pictures than yours available, and without crowds or other things you don’t want in the picture.

So I wondered. How can I take a more interesting picture of Tower Bridge? Maybe I’m totally wrong, but I looked not only for a new angle, but a new focus point. To me, this is a picture not always found everywhere, and is a bit more unique. All I had to do to make this more interesting (and more unique IMO) was to choose a different focus point, in this case the Victorian lamps.

Let me know what you think of the result.

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