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Ilford HP5 400 ISO Film

This is such a cool black and white film! For 400  ISO, this film is not very grainy. It’s actually really smooth, and coupled with the high speed which lets you work with it in challenging light conditions, I love it for low light black and white.

I really like taking photos in the Adelaide Central Markets and the lighting there is always a challenge. Real contrasts between light and dark, really bright spots, sign lights, product lights, movement, different tones and colours. In that sort on environment this film shines. I can really get some deep blacks for sharp contrast, and maintain detail in them. Also, the highlights just work for me. I love the detail and the dynamic range in this film.

Check this shot out for it at full res:

At a scan of this size (60mp equiv) the detail is there, it is sharp, and grain is very acceptable.

It is really easy to develop too, just 12 minuets at 21°C in the Paterson tank.

It is a very forgiving film too. Hard to blow out, and the contrast and detail in the shadows helps a lot particularly if you don’t get the exposure bang on. But then, I also like the way it works with natural light as a result of this, I can really capture isolated light shining onto someone in dark areas.

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