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Gawler Central Rail Station

Taken in October 2018. Today, in October 2022, I went on a photowalk around Gawler. Nothing inspired me. I think I’ve been getting caught in a bit of a photo rift lately, and haven’t felt as inspired or keen to pull out the camera and take photos. It disturbs me a bit as I had a few outings this year where I have taken my Leica M11 and Leica MP bodies out for a photowalk, but lacked the confidence to take a shot, or saw anything that inspired me.

So today I was wandering around Gawler in South Australia. I climbed the hill to the top of King St, and was going to take a photo of the station from the King Street bridge of the station. Thing is, because of the Adelaide Rail Electrification project, there is now a large safety barrier in the way of the view, making taking pictures impossible. So I was inspired to post this photo from 2018.

I took it on Kodak Ektar, hence the over saturation, on my Leica MP with a 28mm lens.

This photo is now a bit of history. This was before the rail line was electrified. Now all the electrical infrastructure is in place and a lot of the station and areas around have been modernised.

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